Carbon Language


Carbon Language πŸͺ¨ by Google An Experimental Successor to C++ Carbon is the new experimental programming language started by Google, they started this experimental language two years ago and only made it public this year. The development is lead by Principal Software Engineer, Chandler Carruth, which he introduced on CppNorth conference in Toronto last July 17, 2022 via Youtube. Planned Features πŸ“– Interoperability with C++ Cargo will be able to import existing C++ code and libraries, this will be the main selling point of this experimental language....

August 8, 2022 Β· 3 min Β· 602 words Β· Sean Miranda
Go and Rust

Go vs Rust Generics

Hey, Gophers and Rustaceans! Today, we’ll compare Go and Rust generics. Go and Rust are both statically and strictly typed languages that are also compiled. They’re both gaining popularity, and many new apps are incorporating them. Some Java-based back-end systems are being ported to Go and Rust. Both are actively maintained and developed. As of this writing, the most recent version of Go is 1.18 and Rust is version 1.60. The Go version 1....

May 19, 2022 Β· 2 min Β· 359 words Β· Sean Miranda